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HCSS Products

Why do you say HeavyJob creates knowledgeable workers?

HeavyJob users are more knowledgeable, because of the breadth of information at their fingertips. All information is updated daily so workers are more aware of the actual progress a job is making, and they are able to make quicker decisions when something needs to be changed to stay on schedule and on budget.

Why do you claim that HeavyJob aids in job retention?

The instant feedback that HeavyJob provides gives users up to date production quantities and job cost information. If production is lagging behind in one area, a foreman is instantly able to see this and reallocate resources accordingly. This creates a better, more efficient worker and results in fewer workers falling short on performance.

Why does a company with a good construction accounting system still need HeavyJob?

Although HeavyJob provides some of the functions of an accounting system, its purpose is not to act as one. HeavyJob’s value comes from being able to track production on a job on a daily basis. If a job is running over budget or behind schedule, the foreman or superintendent will know instantly and be able to make the necessary adjustments. HeavyJob can also be used to accumulate cost history on certain types of work. This can be useful when estimating and managing future jobs.

There are dozens of GPS solutions out there. What is so special about your GPS solution?

Customers love our GPS products because of its ease of use and advanced features. It is an easily installed product and integrates seamlessly with The Dispatcher and our web based GPS tracker. Once installed, our GPS units provide instant utilization information for the job site. This information can be useful in scheduling maintenance and allocating equipment to jobs. It can also be easily set up to send out emails and text messages if a piece of equipment is moved outside of a specific area, or is started at an unusual time.

Why do foremen/superintendents actually like using your HeavyJob software?

HeavyJob is a great solution for foreman, because it is an easier, more efficient way of doing things. They can enter their diary, time card, material transactions, and safety information all in one place rather than in several different binders and journals. HeavyJob also allows foreman to send their transactions in electronically. This prevents having to perform double entry or make trips to the office to drop off time sheets. They are able to do their jobs more easily and more efficiently by using HeavyJob.

HCSS Services

Why do you still have a person that always answers the phone instead of an automated system?

One of HCSS’ missions is to provide outstanding support in a professional, fair, courteous, and exceptionally helpful manner. We feel that to achieve that mission, we must be able to provide live, instant support to any customer in need. This way our customer will receive an immediate response rather than leaving a voice mail or sending an email and having to wait for an answer to what could be a critical problem.

Why did you open an implementation center in Houston with eight rooms capable of handling eight companies at once?

We feel that training is crucial to using our software effectively. We often have multiple companies in our office at one time being trained on one of our software packages. Our implementation center allows us the flexibility to accommodate whoever we need.

What is a Helpinar?

Helpinar is a free event where customers in the area can come in and ask questions or see demos of any of our products. It is an open forum setting so any questions you have about the product can be answered. Helpinars are held all over the country in order to make it convenient for as many customers to attend as possible.

Why do you advertise 24/7 instant support? Is it really instant?

Our 24/7 instant support really is instant. During regular working hours HCSS employs a support staff large enough to handle all incoming calls. After hours, on weekends, and on holidays there is always a support member on call to handle customer issues. Being able to answer a support call instantly means we can solve the issue and get customers back to work as soon as possible. We understand that it is frustrating to have a critical problem and not be able to reach anyone to resolve it.

Why do you hold two User’s Group Meetings each year only a couple of weeks apart?

Our User’s Group Meetings are a great way to teach our customers more about our products and showcase new products. They are also a great way to get feedback on our products and field suggestions for future releases. There is even an open forum for all the attendees to ask questions and vote on future product features. Because of this, we like to hold the meetings close together so we can use all that feedback to make changes and plan future releases for the software.

HCSS Culture

Why do you give your employees so much equity and so much of the profit of your company?

At HCSS we want our employees to take ownership in the company. By having a stake in the company, they make a connection between their performance and the bottom line. By taking pride and ownership in their work, our employees make HCSS a better and more efficient company.