HCSS Cloud connects you without the cost.

We expect you to be the experts when it comes to building roads and bridges. But we don't expect you to wrestle with rapidly evolving technology or keeping your data safe. That's why we created HCSS Cloud Apps — the most convenient and secure way to use your favorite HCSS products.

HCSS partners with nGenx to bring you this "desktop as a service" (DaaS) solution that will transform your work model and empower your employees to be more mobile and productive. While it has all the accessibility of the cloud, it also maintains the power of a desktop to support the complexity of your computing environment.

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We host your HCSS software and data on highly secure Citrix® servers and take care of all the technicalities behind the scenes with 24/7 service, including security maintenance, data backups, and product updates. All you have to do is connect to your HCSS products through an Internet connection — whether that's from your desktop in the office, a laptop out in the field, or your handheld device. And that leaves you with much more flexibility and time to focus on doing what you do best.

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Why the Cloud?

Why you'll love HCSS cloud services.
It's easy to safeguard your data, run on the latest and greatest software and hardware, and access your HCSS products from anywhere.

Stay up and running.
You can take steps to prevent fires, theft, backup failures, and other potential causes of data loss. But you often can’t predict Mother Nature, and you definitely can’t control her. We know time and data lost to just one unfortunate event can be absolutely devastating to your business. That’s why we make HCSS Cloud Apps the safest place for your data to reside. 

Increase productivity with a mobile workforce.
With our Cloud Apps, your employees can access HCSS products through any web browser, using any device. It doesn't matter where the job takes them, as long as an Internet connection is available.

This cloud-based desktop environment also provides access to common tools like Microsoft® Office® and even printing capabilities so that it truly enhances workflows instead of interrupting them.

Update your software without lifting a finger.
Our highly knowledgeable team will handle your specific needs on your schedule. That means no more waiting on IT consultants to perform updates on their time. Just kick back and enjoy your updates and new features earlier and easier than ever.

Invest in your last dedicated server.
With HCSS Cloud Apps, there’s simply no need to purchase, provision, or set up new servers. We handle it all for you! And you can stop worrying about keeping up with the latest technology because we take care of that too. Our enterprise-class Citrix environments are fully capable for your current needs, but rest assured that when technology changes, we will change with it to provide the best environment for you.


Tech Specs & Requirements

Our most powerful and full-featured desktop provides unparalleled speed and access to a Windows® 7 emulated desktop from almost any current browser on the market today. This cloud-based virtual desktop is like no other. It offers the convenience of a local desktop combined with USB access, copy/paste capabilities, printing, video streaming, collaboration, and storage. Top productivity tools and other approved applications are also available.

Operating Systems

Eliminate Windows and Mac compatibility issues by giving users the freedom to choose their device, regardless of app or operating system.

  Mobile Devices

Give users full control of their mobile productivity with access to HCSS products from their tablets or smartphones.


Securely access HCSS products from any of today's most popular browsers, including HTML5 based browsers like Chrome.


About "Desktop as a Service" (DaaS)
HCSS Cloud Apps is a "desktop as a service" solution. DaaS offers a new way of connecting end-users to hosted applications. Simply put, DaaS is a Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 with the Desktop Optimization Pack from Microsoft to provide users with a Windows 7 operating system experience.

The primary benefit of the DaaS experience is the availability of a familiar and functional desktop. DaaS provides users with a full Windows environment. Applications can be accessed through the Start Menu and relevant desktop shortcuts can be created.

DaaS can be accessed from any device as long as you have an active Internet connection, but there are special browser requirements depending on which desktop you are attempting to log in to. The desktops provide users with a company-wide shared drive as well as a personal drive for user documents. Files can be stored locally or on the desktop, and can be accessed through either.

File Storage Structure

There are two main types of storage associated with hosted desktops:.
  Shared Drive (Company Files)

Equivalent to public folders or a network file server available to all users at the account level. Restrictions and security can be applied on shared storage folders similar to network file-sharing systems.

  Personal Drive (My Files)

Equivalent to personal folders or personal drives on network file servers. These are isolated and secure to the local user, and restricted through Windows Security by unique user log in.



Operating system    Windows 7 experience 
User file storage    2 GB
Company storage   20 GB (10 GB increments available for add-on)
Browser on desktop   Internet Explorer® 9
Browser required for access   Any browser (recommended: Google Chrome™)
Delivery Technology   XenApp 6.5
Requires Citrix Receiver v3.2 on any device (available through
Citrix and most online device app stores)
  See DaaS CPU & RAM Resources details below
Backup   Nightly (stored for 15 days) and weekly (stored for 5 weeks)
Supported HCSS products    HeavyBid, HeavyJob (more products to come)
Technical Support   Unlimited 24/7 assistance from your HCSS Support Team
Bandwidth usage   Unlimited
Session virtualization   Yes
Acceleration technology   Citrix HDX
Flash support   Yes
Anti-virus   Yes
Anti-virus definition updates   Daily
Threat management   Yes
Custom content filtering   Yes
Multimedia acceleration   Yes
Local printer re-direction   Yes
Local USB re-direction   Yes, for most devices
User customization settings**   Yes, for most devices

Requirements - Desktop / Laptop

Operating system 

  Windows 7 (32b, 64b)
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 (32b, 64b) 

 Free disk space   Windows: 70 MB
Mac: 64 MB
 RAM   Windows 7: 2 GB
Windows Vista: 1 GB
Windows XP: 128 MB
Mac: 256 MB
Internet connectivity
(per user)
   <100 ms Jitter; <100 ms Latency
Minimum: 100 Kbps upload & download;
Optimal office productivity: 250 Kbps upload & download;
Multimedia/Heavy Use: 500 Kbps+ upload & download

Requirements - Mobile / Tablet

Operating system 

  Android v2.2 or later
iOS v4.2.x or later 
Free disk space   Android: 9 MB
iOS: 14 MB 
RAM    N/A 
Internet connectivity
(per user) 
  <100 ms Jitter; <100 ms Latency
3G/4G cellular or wireless connection
Minimum: 100 Kbps upload & download;
Optimal office productivity: 250Kbps upload & download;
Multimedia/Heavy Use: 500 Kbps+ upload & download 


Per-site minimum bandwidth requirements should be calculated as follows:

  1. Number of desktops x 100 Kbps
  2. Add in any additional bandwidth considerations for other real-time traffic or network application traffic that utilizes the public Internet not included above and no more than 200 milliseconds of latency

Downloads or uploads such as large files, images, streaming media, or video can impact overall Internet bandwidth utilization and affect performance during transmission. Wireless data connectivity via Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks may suffice, but dropouts and connection losses due to environmental factors (interference, echoes off objects, and signal degradation) should be expected. These factors may impact performance and the overall Desktop experience. Exercise caution if considering the use of wireless as the primary means of connectivity unless signal quality and consistency is tested and certified in advance.



Requirements | Accessibility | Backup and Update Processes | Other


What’s required on my computer to run HCSS production on the HCSS Cloud? 

You simply need a Citrix Receiver client. HCSS provides this program to you, free of charge. It can run on any mainstream operating system: Windows®, Mac OS X®, iOS (Apple), and Android OS.

What if I need to use third-party software with my HCSS products, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word?

Not a problem! Licensing for Microsoft Office is included so you can use these applications in the HCSS Cloud Apps.

What kind of Internet connection do I need?

HCSS Cloud Services is used effectively over T1, DSL, 3G, 4G, cable, and fiber-optic connections.



Where can I access the HCSS Cloud?
You can access it anywhere with an Internet connection.

How can I access the HCSS Cloud?

Access the cloud from any system that can install the Citrix Receiver. This includes all Windows® operating systems, Mac OS X®, iOS (Apple), and Android OS.

Will I have access to my local machine?

Yes. All local and network drives can be accessed while using the HCSS Cloud Apps.

Backup and update processes

Who takes care of product updates? 

HCSS will gladly update your products at your requested time. You simply schedule it, and we’ll perform it.

How is my data backed up?

In addition to immediate replication of your saved data, nightly backups are kept for 15 days and weekly backups are kept for 5 weeks.


How are reports printed when using the HCSS Cloud Apps? 

Reports are routed to the local printers installed on the computer you’re using to access the cloud.

Will there be speed differences between our server and the HCSS Cloud Apps?

The server environment in the cloud is optimized to run HCSS products as efficiently as possible. If your current server and network do not run as fast as you like, it’s time to check out the HCSS Cloud Apps!

How do HCSS Cloud Apps licenses work? 

HCSS Cloud Apps licenses are assigned to individuals within your organization. They are based on the total number of named users that will access the Cloud Apps.

Can we test this environment? Is there a custom demo?

Yes, please contact us for more information. Custom demos are also available and can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.